Female Jack Russell Terrier, 7 years old

  • Suitable with Children – No Children
  • Suitable with Other Dogs – No Other Dogs
  • Suitable with Cats – No Cats
  • Suitable with Other Animals – Not suitable

Molly the Jack Russell joined us recently as her mum tragically passed away unexpectedly.

7 year old Molly has lead a quiet, sheltered, rural life. She has no experience of the urban environment.

Molly has lost her mum, her home, and her familiar rural environment and daily routine.

Not surprisingly she is shell shocked, and wary and nervous of the unfamiliar. She will need time to acclimatise and get used to new people and a new environment. If she feels safe with you, and trusts you, she is very affectionate, loves a cuddle and a lap. Mollie is a lovely natured girl, a real sweetie, and apparently a good ratter. Maybe some rat terrier genes, if those ears are anything to go by. Very sweet natured indeed, unless you are a small furry! She is described as a good ratter, and she doesn’t like cats.

Molly is seeking a rural home as an only pet, ideally with retired adults who enjoy country walks, and would like a little shadow. We will learn more about Molly in time as she settles.


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