Male Staffie, 5 years old

  • Suitable with Children – No Children
  • Suitable with Other Dogs – No Other Dogs
  • Suitable with Cats – No Cats
  • Suitable with Other Animals – Not suitable

Desmond has experienced and witnessed what no dog should ever have to.
His trust has gone, and he regards all humans with suspicion. He is constantly wary and apprehensive, watching you, expecting and waiting for the worst to happen.
Physically Desmond has healed, but emotionally and mentally he remains traumatised. He will go to great lengths to avoid eye contact, so getting a quick glance from him is progress.
It is easy to look at the pics of him playing, and at first glance you might think he’s just a happy, smiley Staffy enjoying a game, but look at the eyes. The ‘smile’ never reaches the eyes.
And yet somewhere, buried behind those sad, fearful, apprehensive, mistrustful eyes, there is a happy, fun loving, comical, affectionate little Staffy locked away, who is just too scared to come out.
It takes a very long time to get on terms with Desmond. He is instantly reactive to humans who remind him of other humans, barking, growling, ready to defend himself. For those he cautiously permits to engage with him, progress is painfully slow. Not days, not weeks. At any time, his fragile confidence buckles and he shuts down.
Here we give dogs like Desmond the time and space just ‘to be.’ To have a safe space to breathe, to shed what has gone before, to rebuild, and to gain a different perspective of the world, and of humans. Some take longer than others. With Desmond you are in for the long haul, but he is such a rewarding little dog.
This little guy enjoys playing ball, and for Desmond it also serves as a positive introduction to humans. He will accept a tummy rub from those with whom he feels safest.
Strictly no children or other pets for Desmond, please, and a very secure, lawned garden is a must for play.
Owners will need to be calm, capable and patient, and be very aware of their body language. Desmond has so much more progress to make, and we’d love to see him able to fulfil his potential in a home of his own.


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