Many people very kindly make regular donations to K9 Crusaders, but another way of giving is to leave a legacy through one’s Will.

Leaving a legacy is a gift that can be used to great effect. Every penny of the gift can be put towards projects that will benefit K9 Crusaders for years to come, that will help future generations of dogs.

In fact without a legacy from the late Val Brown we would not have our current premises and would not be rehabilitating and rehoming as many dogs as well as being able to offer all the volunteering opportunities to students and members of the public.

This brochure may be downloaded using the black dropdown menu above (downward arrow)

Thank you for reading and if you are considering this kind of gift and would like more information or to discuss this further please call us on 01872 560232 where someone would be happy to help. If you would like a paper copy or emailed pdf of our Leaving a Legacy Brochure please complete your details below.

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