We have started a campaign to raise essential funds for the kennels…the FACEBOOK400.

It all started when we broke the 400 members mark on our Facebook group. We thought if we can get 400 people to set up a standing order for £4 a month, that will cover the basic costs of running the kennels.

Now the costs have escalated, & we’re looking at over £4000, but the name has stuck!

Let’s face it, what’s £1 nowadays? A lottery ticket…..a chocolate bar…..a loaf of bread?

So if you’d like to join in please take a minute to ask for a standing order form on our “S.O. Form Request” tab, add your desired monthly donation monthly and send it into your bank. Alternatively you can signup instantly through Paypal if you complete the transaction on the “Signup NOW” tab.
There are hundreds of gorgeous dogs who will thank you, as well as many grateful volunteers.

Request S.O. Form

Please complete the following request and we will send you an email copy of our Standing Order form. We have added a couple of market research questions at the bottom and would be grateful if you would complete them, but it is entirely up to you. Thank you so much for your consideration.

Select ONE option that best describes your situation
Select ANY that apply
Select ANY that apply

OR Signup NOW

You can sign up to a MONTHLY DONATION instantly through Paypal, without having to mess with forms and leaving the comfort of your own home if you prefer.

Just complete your desired amount each month and SUBSCRIBE.
Thank You

Monthly Donation Amounts