Male French Bulldog, 1 years old

  • Suitable with Children – Older Teens Only
  • Suitable with Other Dogs – No Other Dogs
  • Suitable with Cats – No Cats
  • Suitable with Other Animals – Not suitable


Little Tommy is almost ready to find his forever home!

Those of you who have followed his story will already be aware that this little lad is high maintenance. He is off the meds for now, but still on the clorexyderm baths.

Now he is feeling comfortable and well fed, and has energy to spare, Tommy is being a typical puppy, and having the puppy hood he never had when he was younger. He’s firing round the field, investigating and demolishing toys, mouthing, and enjoying lots of cuddles and fuss. He constantly seeks reassurance and physical contact in the form of cuddles and fuss. He is learning to jump, and can practically fly through the air like a squirrel!

Tommy is not house trained, and is extremely insecure, he will need someone with him all day to start with, just like a very young puppy.

He is not yet comfortable with other dogs, and isn’t ready to share his provider/handler, so will need to be the only pet in the home.

Tommy needs a secure, dog friendly garden for those all important games and running, and patient, sympathetic owners with a good sense of humour. They will need to understand that Tommy is, to all intents and purposes, a boisterous, 8 week old puppy, even though he is around 1 year old. They need to be aware of his past, and understand how it has impacted his perception of life, as well as his development.

He is very vocal, and he still has head bobber syndrome, which is very apparent when he gets excited, eg mealtimes.

Tommy’s next challenge will be wearing a harness and going out for walks. That should be fun!


This is Tommy, around 12 months old.

Tommy is the product of a greedy, unscrupulous excuse for a breeder. But that’s not all. He’s emaciated, his itchy skin is covered in crusty, burning hot lumps and scabs, his coat is sparse and dry. Areas of his skin have thickened and lost elasticity. He has very little muscle for a dog of his age, and he has the most awful elbow dysplasia. Oh, and just for good measure, he has head bobbers syndrome.

These photos were taken after he’d been to the vets. We have him on medication to reduce the itching and discomfort and to tackle the infection ripping through his skin. He’s had his first Clorexyderm bath too. He’ll be having quite a few of those. He’s on a high quality natural diet.

Tommy initial image

All Tommy wants is human company, positive attention and affection. He wants to be loved, cuddled, and to feel well, and be well fed on a good quality, appropriate diet. Looking sad is his default setting. Let’s see if we can change that.

He’s been let down too much already by humans in his short life. It’s not going to happen anymore. We will do our very best for this poor boy.


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