Male Collie x German Shepherd, 4 years old

  • Suitable with Children – 11 years and over
  • Suitable with Other Dogs – Under Assessment
  • Suitable with Cats – Untested
  • Suitable with Other Animals – Unknown

BARNEY HAS NOT had the best start in life, but eventually he found a safe haven, and today he joined K9 Crusaders, where we are on a mission to find him a top notch home for the rest of his life.
Barney is a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix of 3 years old. He has a keen eye and a good brain, and misses nothing.
He is happy around people, and could possibly live with older children of 12 years and upwards.
He barks at other dogs on sight-which is a trait familiar to one or two German Shepherd owners, I’m sure!
Barney has a long way to go to build the stamina and muscle one would expect of a young dog.
Could Barney be your best friend?


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