Rainbow Bridge

October 14, 2017


10 years ago, I agreed to take on Lolly, a 3 year old Cav girl. She had a heart problem, deformed back legs, and was morbidly obese. She couldn’t walk.
We had no kennels back then, so I put her into one of our few foster homes, and set about fundraising to pay for her to have veterinary treatment.
Very slowly, the weight started to come off, and the most amazingly strong character emerged. Lolly learned how to walk, and on one of those walks this remarkable little dog met an equally remarkable lady, Di.
Lolly moved in with Di and her husband Dermot, and blossomed. She walked, and lost more weight. She had regular heart checkups and treatment. There was nothing wrong with her legs-she had just been too fat to use them.
Lolly became a celebrity in her own right. When she sat on Di’s handbag, you wouldn’t want to move her. She was at once comedian, dragon, and cuddle monkey. Determination was her middle name.
When Dermot passed away, Lolly became Di’s constant companion.
Today this brave, strong willed, devoted little angel got her wings when her heart just couldn’t hold out any longer.
10 years ago we never thought Lolly would live to reach 13 years old. But then…we didn’t know Lolly!
Fly high, beautiful soul, fly high….


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