Rainbow Bridge

May 3, 2017

Luke (Lukey)

This is Lukey. One of only a few photos of him smiling – he didn’t like cameras!

Lukey was found abandoned at Christmas 2010 and was taken to K9. He was about 4 weeks old. We met him in September 2011 and he adopted us. Lukey was autistic so we had to be careful not to freak him out by walking a different route. Once Lukey learned to trust us, the love just followed. He changed our lives. He was always making us smile and loved big Lukey cuddles where he would burrow his nose in between our legs and snuggle in tight.

Sadly, Lukey developed anal furnocolosis and we just couldn’t get it under control so we said goodbye to Lukey on 3rd April 2017. We miss him so very much. Play free of pain now Lukey. You are unique and will always be in our hearts.


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