Rainbow Bridge Memorials – K9 Dogs

Welcome to our Memorials page, where all our beloved furbabies can be remembered with love.

Losing a loved one is always hard, but as long as they are remembered they are never truly gone. Join with us in celebrating the life of these precious souls. All the dogs below are rehomed by K9 Crusaders.


Date: February 18, 2021

Two short years ago this Valentines Day Bailey went home with his new family.
Bailey had waited such a long time for his chance of a home, then along came a young, vibrant couple, and it was love at first sight.
Bailey was a super energetic, impossibly bouncy, friendly, affectionate and sometimes overwhelming little chap, cheeky and mischievous, but adoring of people and attention, and a bit of a worrier, like most bullies.
They should all have lived happily ever after, but over recent weeks it became apparent that Bailey really wasn’t well.
Tragically investigations revealed a massive pituitary tumour bleeding into the brain. It was sadly inoperable.
Rest easy now, Bailey. No more pain, no more suffering.
One of the bravest little dogs we have ever encountered. It has been an honour and a privilege to care for you, Bailey.
Loved for always. Remembered for ever, darling boy.


If you wish to have your beloved pet added to our list of memorials then please email us at k9crusaders@btinternet.com quoting “Rainbow Bridge” in the title. Please feel free to add a photo, date and any message you would like included.