Rainbow Bridge Memorials – K9 Dogs

Welcome to our Memorials page, where all our beloved furbabies can be remembered with love.

Losing a loved one is always hard, but as long as they are remembered they are never truly gone. Join with us in celebrating the life of these precious souls. All the dogs below are rehomed by K9 Crusaders.


Date: June 12, 2018

Little oldie Suzey (JR) had already been rescued once and due to sad circumstances her current owner needed reassurance that Suzey would be looked after for the rest of her days. K9 Crusaders know I have a soft spot for the oldies so Suzey came to join us. She slept in a crate the first night as I was worried about how small she was, compared to Stan (Springer) & Buggs (Lurcher), and the fact that she had been an only dog in her previous home. The second night she slept in there again, but with the door left open this time. From her third day with us, the personality of the little madam started to come through and we discovered she was well able to hold her own with the two big boys and soon fitted in as one of the pack. Suzey loved riding in the car, going for walks and trips to the beach.

Our little madam had the heart of a lion. She would charge at the vacuum cleaner then would retreat looking so pleased with herself. However, she would also charge at the lawn mower, so we quickly learnt we needed to close all external doors when cutting the grass!

One day she was off her food and didn’t seem to have that attitude that we had come to love. Sadly, the vet said that she was so riddled with tumours that nothing could be done for her and we lost our “little lioness” on the 12th June 2018. Suzey was only with us for 2 years but they were years during which she definitely lived life to the full.


If you wish to have your beloved pet added to our list of memorials then please email us at k9crusaders@btinternet.com quoting “Rainbow Bridge” in the title. Please feel free to add a photo, date and any message you would like included.