Rainbow Bridge Memorials – K9 Dogs

Welcome to our Memorials page, where all our beloved furbabies can be remembered with love.

Losing a loved one is always hard, but as long as they are remembered they are never truly gone. Join with us in celebrating the life of these precious souls. All the dogs below are rehomed by K9 Crusaders.

Sasha & Finley

Date: January 16, 2021

We lost Sasha on the 16th of January 2021 and Finley on the 18th November 2019. They were destined for each other and us.
Finley (Poodle – Collie X) came first from Canine Crusaders in 2004. He loved playing with our farriers little JRT so we thought a friend for him would be a great idea and about a year later Sasha came in like a tornado from Canine Crusaders. She became boss but Finley loved it. They just got on so well and spent many years happily together. They loved running in our fields, playing ball and digging, especially Sasha. This led to her being renamed ‘Sasha the Mole’ or Mole for short, the name stuck and everyone knew her as the Mole. You could often find her bottom and tail sticking out of a hole she had dug or a rabbit hole she was excavating. You could always see her in the field by the plume of dust coming up in the summer. Finley just looked on – I would have loved to know what he was thinking!
They had great adventures together for years even as they got older. Finley made it to nearly 19 and Sasha around 18. They were only ill in the last 6 months of their lives and we cared for them with the vets until it was time to send them over the rainbow.

I was a teacher and Sasha became a great teaching aid. At the school where I worked naughty teachers were given the infants to look after at lunch time and Friday afternoon story time. One week I was assigned them at lunchtime due to having one of my many disagreements with the head (she liked me really!). It was more like riot control than supervision looking after 4- to 6-year-olds with food. However, when I mentioned I had dogs and started to tell the kids of their adventures they all went quiet, finished their food and played quietly. I said to them ‘if you are very good for me this week, I will bring Sasha in to see you on Friday afternoon’ I got 100% attention from them all week and on the Friday Sasha came in and they loved it. The problem was that the head thought I did such a great job I became the permanent infant lunchtime teacher and Friday last lesson story teller! However, getting the kids to talk and learn about wildlife became easy and the threat of not bringing the dogs in got me 100% attention. Many of these kids have now grown up but they still ask me about the dogs. Even parents remember me as the teacher with the dogs!
When I moved on to teach at a University, I used the dog stories to help put new and nervous students at ease during tutorials, pets are a great ice breaker. Again, it was all well received and I have had many hundreds of Facebook messages saying how sorry people are about Finley and Sasha passing. Those two dogs made quite an impression on a lot of people.


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