Rainbow Bridge Memorials – K9 Family

Welcome to our Memorials pages, where all our beloved furbabies can be remembered with love.

These beautiful souls are all dogs which have lived as Sanctuary Dogs with K9 Crusaders. Many have been neglected, abused or mismanaged to an extent where they needed the security and stability that the kennels provide. They are all our K9 Family and have a very special place in our hearts.


Date: May 16, 2024

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Max, aged 15 years and one month.
Max was the first exempted dog to arrive here.
Max was a habitual stray, well known in his locality. Unfortunately his owner’s partner would not have him in the home when she was there, so Max was evicted to go on his adventures whilst his owner was at work.
Crossbreed Max, a bit of a ‘Jack the lad’, intelligent and quick witted, was popular with the local dog wardens and police.
When Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) was taken out of moth balls and fast tracked into the spotlight, the newly trained officers decided to practice their measuring and assessments on whatever dogs were in the stray kennels on that fateful day. Max was there, so they ‘practised’ on him, and were horrified and upset to find he measured up and ticked boxes. He didn’t go home that day. Or any day after that.
Supported by DDA Watch his owner attended court, but the judge would not allow Max to go back to his owner because his partner could not be relied upon to keep to the conditions of exemption.
Max’ life hung in the balance. The law said as a ‘dangerous dog’ he should be killed. DDA Watch appealed nationally for another keeper for Max. Sadly no one offered, except us. And so Max became a K9 Crusaders lifer.
We were astonished when he arrived. ‘Pitbull type?’ Pull the other one!
As we got acquainted, it was very clear that Max was a border collie cross. Supremely intelligent, he became the star of ‘Wimbledog’, and every other challenge we presented him with, solving each challenge within seconds.
He was noisy, demanding, highly strung, entertaining, comical, stubborn, with a cavern of a mouth that could swallow your hand when you offered treats. He was not interested in being aggressive to humans or dogs. Pointless and not on his radar.
He suffered terribly with allergies, which could only be controlled with medication. It was a two edged sword. Medication or a life of agonising misery. No contest. The meds enabled him to enjoy life, harrass us, and get up to mischief, all of which amused him!
He had a bark that could shatter glass. And eardrums. And he would employ it relentlessly if he was dissatisfied with the service!
He loved footballs, rugby balls, food, tuggy toys, problem solving, food, running rings round humans, walkies, food, barking and tummy rubs.
He was a handsome boy, an entertainer, a comic, and amazingly clever. He was fascinating, irresistable, exasperating, independent and awe inspiring. He missed nothing.
In later life he became more laid back, and was deaf. But he was still our Max.
Max should have had a home with lively, active owners into training, travelling and hiking. He’d have been in his element.
In the space of 24 hours his life changed forever thanks to a ridiculously inept law which has been proved time and again to be not fit for purpose.
He has left a huge hole in all our lives. We still can’t believe he has gone.
Rest easy, dear Max. Though I can’t really imagine you resting anywhere. I hope the angels are prepared for the whirlwind that is you. And for that voice.
It has been the greatest privilege to get to know you, be amazed by you, and to learn from you.
Missing you so much it hurts. Love you forever, Maxie.


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