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What Is The Rehoming Procedure?

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  1. You see a dog you are interested in on our website or Facebook page, or simply call us on 01872 560232 to see if we have a suitable dog for your lifestyle available
  2. This phone call will possibly lead to a meeting with suitable dog/s at the kennels
  3. If this meeting goes well and you wish to proceed then a home-check is arranged and carried out ASAP
  4. Providing that the home-check passes, a time is arranged for the dog to be collected by the new owners, and before that the dog is taken to our vet for a full check-up to ensure it is healthy and ready to go home.
  5. The dog is collected by the new owners, and at this time all rehoming paperwork is completed and the rehoming fee paid before you leave with your new dog
  6. We are always available for help and behavioural support if needed throughout the dog’s life and if for any reason the dog cannot remain in the new home then we will always take it back.