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How Can We Help?

How Can I Help K9 Crusaders?

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There are many ways you can help the dogs at K9 Crusaders, so here is a basic list to get you started……..
★You can donate using our Paypal buttons on the website
★Re-home one of our dogs
★Spread the word about us and our work with Cornish dogs. Tell your friends. They may want to re-home a dog, donate or volunteer.
★SHARE, SHARE AND SHARE AGAIN on Facebook all our pleas, posts and events. Join our Care2Share group ( to access all the necessary posts.
★Want to feed, walk, clean and play with dogs? Donate some time to help out at our kennels. Volunteering isn’t easy but is so rewarding, and we are always desperate for help. To join us please visit…/ and complete the form for an induction.
★Prefer community working to kennel work? You can also volunteer to help with collections, at our events, in our shop, with advertising and promoting us or even arrange an event yourself. The sky’s the limit but it is critical work. NO MONEY= NO KENNELS, and without that we cannot continue to help Cornish dogs.
★Attend our events, and spend some money.
★Visit our charity shop at 33 Fore St Redruth (old John Oliver’s building opposite M&Co)
★Become a monthly donor via standing order from only £1 a month, either by Paypal on our website, or using the form attached below.
★Donate blankets, sheets, duvet covers, curtains, old dog beds or anything that can be easily washed for bedding. Please no duvets or pillows as they can be a choking hazard for some dogs and they are very hard to clean and dry.
★We can also use any unwanted goods including clothes, toys, dvds, cds, books or bric a brac for our shop, and for raffle and tombola prizes.
★Support our Morrison’s food collecting bins in Pool, Penzance or Newquay with donations of food and treats for the dogs. They love Chappie and biscuit treats that remind them of home. We also have collecting facilities at Pets At Home, Treliske and Tesco, Truro so donations may be made there too.
★Visit and raise money for K9 Crusaders when you shop with major online retailers including Tesco and Amazon. It’s FREE.
★Check the website regularly for news and events ;