Your bed?…..really?! Nah!

Gosh-what a whirlwind of a day!
We have had all the shop stuff being unloaded here. Its stashed in every available space. We are looking forward to getting a new shop! All very exciting!
Duke had his assessment this morning from the vet. He wasn’t very impressed. He has to have more baths, and quite a lot of management strategies until he can build muscle. He has to wear things like leg warmers, too…I’m trying not to giggle….
The mieow was active last night. I went out onto the patio this morning and ugh! There was a poor little dead shrew right outside the door. I had to walk past it!
Mum is getting very cheeky. Do you know she came into my room and said what have you done to my bed? Excuse me? Your bed? We had this conversation the other day, mum, its my bed! My bed. My room. You just share it….not sure that went as well as it could have done…

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