Yak Attack and the Phantom Teddy

Hi all!
Look who went to the groomers today-its little Mazey!
Mum took her to the lovely people at the Groom Room, Penryn. Went in looking like a yak. Came out looking-well-like a Mazey.
Old Fuzzface was up to his tricks again in the little pool. With Richard this time. Couple of daft beggars together, if you ask me. I mean-water! Eurgh! Bleurgh! Water-wet stuff! Yuk yuk yuk. Yuk. Ok for drinking. Not ok for anything else. At all.

Well I had a good game with the tuggies tonight. Until they played a trick on me. Scared the life out of me, it did.
There I was, playing away, and I saw something out the corner of my eye….teddy! Teddy with a tuggy! I mean-how’d he get here? Now that’s scary. Being crept up on by your teddy. Quite unsettled me, it did. I shan’t see him in quite the same light ever again…

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