Woman Jailed For Stealing From Rescue Charity

6:04am 9th June 2015

A woman has been sentenced to six years behind bars – after stealing thousands of pounds from a Cornish dog charity.

52 year old Katrina Jones from South Wales targeted people who thought they were donating to K9 Crusaders in Bissoe.

Police say all money going to the rescue organisation now is safe.
K9 Crusaders looks after around sixty dogs and has a policy of never putting a healthy animal down.
But it relies entirely on donations.

Its website says: “We deal with all kinds of issues relating to dogs, from rescue and rehoming via our Welfare Centre in Bissoe, to behavioural support and advice on many aspects of dog husbandry. We are independent and have no other income stream, and rely solely on donations to keep going and on volunteers to try to keep up with the ever increasing demand for help.”

David Kirk is from the Fraud Advisory Panel. He said: “Charities are very susceptible to fraud, just as society in general is susceptible to fraud.
“There are people who see a pot of money and think – ‘I’ll have some of that’ and find ways of getting their hands on it.”

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesman said: ”Police would like to reassure supporters of the charity that their finances are now secure and that any future donations made are protected.”

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