Visitors = Dinner!

Goodness! What a day-more like October than June. Mum says it gives a whole new meaning to ‘flaming June.’ I think its a joke, but I don’t get it.
Despite the rain and wind, my kennel cousins have enjoyed plenty of fuss from Frankie, Lucy, Marion et al.

We even had visitors today-brave souls! I saw Toby, Bertie, and Dougie going through to see the humans.
Tomorrow mum and dad have a very early start with Lola. She has to go on a visit. My paws are crossed that she might find her special people.
Our other visitors today were our old friends Gerry and Raisey. They brought some very kind donations from Cooperative Funeralcare. We had food, dishes, treats and some cash.
Thank you very much, mum says, your donations are all so helpful in caring for the dogs.
Lots of calls today, too. Mum says too many people needing to give up the furry family members. It makes me so sad.
I haven’t left my bed today-staying snug, warm and loved. Its what I want for all of us.
Here’s mum with Gerry and Raisey

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