V E T and ZZzzzzzzzzz

Greetings, people!
Well I am almost too tired to give my report. We have all had such fun today in the sunshine. I played and played, and played some more-we all did, every last one of us. After tea we all just flopped out, exhausted. There’s not a sound out there now, except the occasional grunt or snuffle of a snoring dog.
We love this weather!

This is a picture of my adopted brother, Beowolf. I’m very respectful of him. Well I mean, you would be, wouldn’t you? Have you seen the size of him? Mum says he is all fur. Mum was on her hands and knees combing him again today. He needs a lot of combing. He doesn’t like having it done, so mum has to do what she calls ‘a little and often’. When she finished combing him they played one of his favourite games where you spray him with the fine spray from the hose. He loves it and mum says it keeps him cool, too. I am glad she doesn’t spray me-I’d have a thing or two to say about that! Water-bleurghhhhh…..

More news on our Vet Appeal! Apparently its not about peeling vets. I’m glad about that. Could get messy. Mum says the vets bill is one of our biggest monthly expenses because we have to make sure all my kennel cousins are fit and well. Sometimes they come in hurting, or uncomfortable, or just plain ill like I was, and mum says we are a welfare group, and it is our job to care, to ease suffering, and to make well if possible. She likes us all to be ‘the best that we can be.’ She says it a lot.

Mum says please, if you can spare just a little bit to help us out, you can donate straight to our vets:
CORNWALL ANIMAL HOSPITAL, tel 01209 313214, and tell them you would like to put some money on the K9 Crusaders account, or you can email us at K9crusaders@hotmail.co.uk and ask for details of the K9 Crusaders bank account to donate that way. You can paypal your donations too.
Mum says we badly need the help so we can keep all my kennel cousins healthy and happy. No donation is too small.

Mum and I would like to say thank you for donating. She says the more people support us, the more dogs we can help from the endless waiting list.
Ronnie and Storm are at the vets tomorrow morning. Poor things, I do hope the vet can help them….zzzzzzzzzzzzz oh! Did I just doze off? That was some game I had…..more news tomorrow, folks, zzzzzzzzzzzz….

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