Phew-what a swelterer today! Has to be the hottest day of the year so far. We were melting!
Mum says the sun has brought out the silly season with us dogs. And the meiow.

Uncle Colin brought the meiow a big catnip roll. Now I don’t know what catnip is-but it is some kind of magic for the meiow thing.
First her eyes opened very wide and she sniffed it, then she started to rub her head all over it, then her whole body, rolling about on it. Then she started to bite and chew it. After a while she looked a bit far out, man…..

I had to model my new Julius harness! Now usually I love a photocall, but I think the sun got to me, too.
Max, my adopted brother was larking about and playing the fool even more than usual, and I wanted to join in.
Despite mum and dad’s best efforts to get a good picture, I rolled, twisted, reversed and writhed-it was such fun….until dad called us a pair of ‘twitbulls.’ Cheek! I think in the end they got some proper pictures, but there are more of me and Max being twitbulls… was fun!

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