Helloooo y’all!
I’m happy to say I am officially released from nursing duty!
Mum is still having the occasional rest, but she is getting better each day now. The night time coughing is a bit irritating, though. She keeps disturbing my sleep. Oh well, at least she’s not taking up all my bed now…

We heard from not so little Tilly today! She is the tiny little Jack Russell who arrived pregnant. Her foster mum says there are 3 weeks to go. There are 3 puppies showing on the scan. Mum is still worried about Tilly being so small, but we know she is in very good hands.

And Lola! Our Lola was spayed on Friday, and is convalescing in a foster home. Actually we all have everything crossed here. Lola had such a lot of problems when she arrived here. She’d had a terrible time, and was so desperate for attention and affection, she just didn’t know that trying to tear people to shreds was not the way to make friends. Poor Lola, but I have heard that if her foster goes well, she might have found her forever home….shhhhh….

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