The R Word

Brrrr! What a funny old day!
Why do people say we want the rain? I don’t want it-d’you know my feet-not to mention the rest of me-got wet every time I stepped outside the door? I don’t like being wet and cold. Give me my bed and a teddy or two any day!
Mum and dad don’t look like they want rain either. They definitely didn’t look like they were happy to have it.

We had some visitors, but I haven’t heard the ‘r’ word. That’s r for reserved. Its what they call it when they meet one of my cousins and think they might want to take them home. Very exciting.

Ronnie and Storm, Duke, Lenny, Buddyboss, Jack and Bud. What do they all have in common? Got it yet? No? They were all mentioned today when mum was planning next week’s vet runs.
Its worrying when any of us hear ‘vet’ and our name. Mummy often looks strained because she worries about all of us. She worries when there isn’t enough money to pay the vet, too. When mum looks worried, we all feel worried.
Mum says we need a vet appeal urgently to pay the bills. I don’t know what that is. Do you peel a vet, like a banana? Bananas smell nice. Watch this space….

This has been me, Eric, reporting from the cold and wet….the things I have to do…but here’s a picture of me singing in the sunshine the other day…

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