The Best Xmas Present Ever!

BUDDY ARRIVED here some years ago.
This gentle boy endured the most brutal treatment during his early years.
He missed out completely on socializing, his behaviour signals were confused, life for him was confusing and frightening, and his trust in the human race shattered.
As Buddy slowly rehabilitated, his little body started to fail-the result of the past brutality meted out to him.
Buddy has always had a large personal space, and with his multiple, associated issues, and now medical issues, this poor boy has never been picked at meet and greets.
He settled here, feeling safe and secure within his familiar routine, and loved by all of us.
Our sadness has increased as he has aged. Uncomplaining and accepting of his lot he may have been, but we wanted more for him.
We knew kennel assistant and bully fan Zoe had a soft spot for him, but there were other factors to consider, including Thelma, Zoe’s existing dog. After due thought and family discussions, Buddy was surprised today to find himself in the back of Zoe’s car, heading for home!
Tonight he is snuggled in his own warm bed, accepted by his new big sister, in what we hope will be a long term foster home!
Thank you Zoe, Fiona and Thelma! Paws crossed that the perfect start continues…:-) 🙂 🙂

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