Rumbling sky

Zzzzzzzzz……….oh, oooh, yawn…sorry folks, I nodded off there…well after last night I haven’t been able to keep my eyes open.
In fact, all my cousins have been really quiet today. They didn’t like the storm last night, you see.
We were woken up at 2.45am by very heavy rain. We listened..then there was a loud rumble of thunder. Well! Do you think I was hanging around? No sireee, I was not. I was under those covers faster than you could say ‘Eric! Teatime!’

Some of my kennel cousins started barking, and mum got up and got dressed.
Another loud rumble, and we heard my step sister Tara start scratching the door. She panics, you see. My step brothers Timmy and Moss started barking too, and big Mal.
Mum shot out to go and see everyone, and to make sure we weren’t flooding.

I heard the gates go, I could hear her talking to my cousins all over the site.
After a while she came back. But there was more loud rumbles and she went back out.
She kept on going around to reassure all my cousins. Even the cat-there-I said it! I said the dreaded word-even SHE was snuggled up in her bed. Though mum said there was a dead mouse nearby…bleurgh…..
It all went quiet eventually. It was gone 4am when mum came back. Then we couldn’t sleep…hoping for a quiet night tonight.
I leave you with pics of me last night. I am there…right under the covers..

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