RIP Stitch

12 YEARS AGO, K9 Crusaders rehomed little Stitch to the lovely Jo and Roger.
Stitch was 2 years old when he was surrendered to us, and was as much of a ‘problem child’ as you could ever meet.
Nevertheless, Jo and Roger were up for the challenge, handling Stitch with patience and sensitivity, and seeking our help and support when needed. As you can see from the photos, Jo and Roger gave Stitch a fantastic life.
Stitch was nothing if not a huge character, and many of his ‘quirks’ never left him.
Recently, aged 14 years, little Stitch passed away. He has left a massive hole in his family, as well as throughout his local area where he was well known as a bit of a celebrity.
K9 Crusaders frequently takes in dogs that do not meet the criteria of other groups. Stitch was one such.
We believe every dog deserves a chance. Thanks to the wonderful Jo and Roger, little Stitch certainly made the most of his.
RIP little lad.

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