Rainbow Bridge

October 12, 2016

Gorgeous George

THIS AFTERNOON we received news which has broken our hearts.

Around 6 months ago we were just thrilled when our American Bulldog, big George, finally found the perfect home.

Poor George did not have much luck during his life. Alone and unwanted, he came to us. George waited here far too long for his home-his size and breed, and an underactive thyroid, worked against this easy going, gentle soul, and most would not entertain even meeting him, let alone consider him as a best mate. Then along came Barbara and Phil, and it was love at first sight on all sides.

Today, George has gone to join our Rossi at Rainbow Bridge..another precious soul lost to cancer…RIP beautiful boy..

Our only consolation is that he did make it home, and was able to enjoy the love of his family for a few wonderful months, before the big C claimed him..

I am so sorry, Georgie, that none of us could protect you from this hideous disease.
Thoughts and our deepest sympathies are with Barbara and Phil…


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