Rainbow Bridge

July 22, 2016


OUR LOVELY Tia passed peacefully, and naturally away this morning at 10.30, surrounded by her loving family and friends.
Tia has spent the last few months with the awesome and inspirational Bagpuss Price and James, and has packed more into those few months than many dogs are able to pack into a lifetime.
Tia was diagnosed with double hip dysplasia, and very severe arthritis in 3 of her 4 major joints.
With her disability, and being a larger, older girl, she was repeatedly overlooked and dismissed completely by people looking for dogs.
When German Shepherd Beth finally crossed the bridge, the perpetually amazing Bagpuss had no hesitation in taking Tia into her home, and huge, huge heart.
They do say that what you put in, you get out, and Tia proved that old adage a thousandfold.
She bonded rapidly with her new family, and has proved herself an immensely determined survivor, entertainer, comedian, and an all round sweet natured, sensitive and funloving girl.
Tia saved James’ life countless times when he fell into a diabetic hypo.
This gorgeous girl tried so hard to stay with her family. Every day was a joy for her. She had so much to live for, but her poor body had other ideas.
Tia went into collapse last night, and passed naturally this morning whilst awaiting the vet.
To say she will be missed is an understatement.
Bev and James, I salute you. Yet again, I am humbled by your passion, determination and sheer love for every dog, regardless of age, size, breed mix or disability. Bless you both.
RIP, baby girl..


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