Puppies and Projects

What a mad time we are having. Mum and dad flying around. My head is spinning….
There’s exciting news regarding some of our projects…its a very strange feeling seeing these projects taking a step closer, and at the same time seeing all our humans frantically trying to fundraise to keep us going so we can help my cousins who are not as lucky as me. Did you see auntie Jodie’s challenge? Oh my….I had to lie down…too much for me…luckily I have a nice comfy bed on which to recover.

Did you see little Lewis? He is looking for new special people. He is going to be joined soon by more
cousins looking for special people..it never stops…

We have more pics of Tilly’s puppies, too. They look almost as big as Tilly, especially Ross-he’s the black puppy. Tilly says she is now able to take a breather from time to time, and go for a pee without the pups crowding her. They are starting to look at solid food now, too. Can’t really say they are eating it, just realising its there and paddling through it. Ross is the black one, Amber has more black patches on her than Malachi. Tilly says Ross is very chilled out, Amber rather forward-wonder who she takes after, while Malachi is a little timid. Bless.
Wonder if they will be as gorgeous as me? What? What do you mean, they already are!

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