Poorly tummy

Brrrr! Have I slept through summer? Is it October?
I’ve had a lazy day. Mum says I have a bit of an upset tummy, so I have stayed in bed today. I didn’t get any tea last night, but I didn’t mind because I wasn’t hungry. Mum says I have caught a bug, but I don’t remember doing anything like that. I love little creatures and would never knowingly hurt anything. We have a cat for stuff like that…anyway, mum says because I am delicate she has to watch me closely. If I don’t ‘shake it off’, she says I will be under the vet. Now I’m worried. It sounds very uncomfortable. What if the vet is heavy and squashes me? So l keep shaking myself to see if I can shake ‘it’ off. I don’t even know what ‘it’ looks like…humans are strange…

Anyway while I have been in bed, mum has been welcoming little Teddy, who is going to be a kennel cousin for a while. Not too long, we hope.
Tomorrow we are welcoming Chihuahua Bruce, who is going into a foster home. He is even tinier than Teddy! And young Maia is arriving tomorrow to be a kennel cousin, too. She is very pretty. Wait til you see the pictures.
Shame the weather is so horrid. All my kennel cousins have warm, snug beds, but its not the same as having a real bed, like mine. Mum is working on plans to find more special people..

Have you seen our fabulous online auction? So exciting! Auntie Becky is doing an amazing job. I like looking to see how many of you are bidding. Good luck to all of you who are supporting us. We have to keep these kennels open for all the poor dogs who have to look for new special people. It is always a struggle and we see how much mum worries.

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