Pony tunnel?

Greetings, all!
Another sweltering day, and what fun we have had!
Our morning went pretty much to plan…breakfast, nice clean kennels, hosed down to keep us all extra cool, and time spent sniffing about, rolling on the grass, and some of us had a little game.
We then had a siesta as it was so hot. Some of us like to bask in the sun, some of us prefer the shade.
In the afternoon it got really windy, which just took the edge off the heat for us.
Lizzie, Jess, Frankie and Hollie got out some of our playtime stuff, and the laughs came thick and fast.

Dad took some pictures of big Ollie. He is huge-more like a small pony. I reckon I could walk underneath him. Not tried yet. Hmmm…
Well, anyway, Ollie gave it his best shot, although he scored a few laughs off dad.
Misty just rolled on her back, laughing, and well-a very good time was had by all.
Not a sound out there now. Apart from snoring.

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