Police welcome jail sentence for woman who stole £88,000 from Truro dog rescue charity

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By RWhitehouse | Posted: June 09, 2015

POLICE have welcomed the six-year jail sentence given to Katrina Jones who pleaded guilty to defrauding a Truro dog rescue charity out of £88,000.

Jones, 52, from Sheffield, was sentenced at Cardiff Crown Court for multiple charges of fraud including those in Cornwall and a series of other charges relating to incidents in South Wales.


Investigating officer Detective Constable Dave Skelton of Truro police said: “Police would like to reassure supporters of the K9 Crusaders charity that their finances are now secure and that any future donations made are protected.

“K9 crusaders received a significant donation which was aimed to fund the redevelopment of their premises. However, Jones diverted a substantial amount of this money to fund her own gambling and lifestyle, this resulted in significant financial hardship for the charity as they struggled to meet their financial commitments.

“We are pleased with the outcome and sentence given to Jones, and we hope this shows that we take this type of crime very seriously and will endeavour to prosecute offenders and those who take advantage of their positions, like Jones did in her role as a treasurer for a local charity.”

Sentencing Jones yesterday Judge David Wynn Morgan said she was “cold-blooded, evil and malevolent”.

A spokeswoman for K9 Crusaders said: “Katrina Jones – known locally as Kate David – ingratiated herself with the charity ensuring that she became indispensable to the founding members through her knowledge of business and her involvement in other animal charities.

“She became an integral part of the life of our founder, Sue Smith, in the knowledge that her terminally ill partner put enormous strain on her ability to run all aspects of the rescue.

“She used our funds for her own purposes but was exceptionally clever in covering her deception.

“She even diverted the money from the sale of our founder’s house – much of it destined to be used for the benefit of K9 Crusaders’ rescued dogs at Hollybush Farm.

“Our suspicions were not aroused until debt collectors demanded money from the rescue for unpaid bills for maintenance, food and veterinary bills.”

She added: “Jones ruthlessly exploited K9 Crusaders and its small team for her own ends, endangering the lives of the dogs she purported to care for.

“The amount she stole was enough to have paid the running costs of the rescue for at least five years.”

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