Paws Crossed

Hello all!
I found out that the Falmouth university student volunteers, whom we have got to know and love, have finished their final exams and will be leaving-some of them for good.
I don’t know all their names, but Ellie Walker, Tanya Cobb, Imogen Baber, Astrid Walls, Samantha Mosedale, Charlotte Bain, Charlotte Main-we wish you all the very best with the exam results, and bucketloads of luck for the future! We will miss you, and we thank you for all the fun times.

Little Jack went off to the vets for his check this morning. He hated it-gave the vet a run for his money, apparently! These little ones are always the worst…Jack will be going to his new home quite soon.

Dad took a photo of our Steve’s new collar. It has a handle on it. Stephen doesn’t get on with other dogs. He has had some nasty experiences in his past.

Afterwards dad went off to work on his muffle for the ruffle. What’s that? Oh-it’s raffle-not ruffle. We all love the muffle. My kennel cousins, brothers and sisters, they can’t wait to have a turn. Keeps them busy for hours. My sister Tara has to be peeled off it! If you have never tried one, you are missing a trick!

Tara went out looking for bunnies today, wearing her new harness. Its very bright, I think she scared the bunnies away! She said she put up one, and smelled lots of tracks, but didn’t catch one.
My harness arrives tomorrow. Very excited…

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