Nursing Duty

Evening fans!
I must apologise for not getting my report in for a couple of days. My mum has a really horrid bug, so I am on nursing duty. You know what humans are like…they need looking after.
Mum had to go out yesterday for something very, very important. It ended up taking all day, so when she came back she felt pretty grim. At least she came back happy, but I’m sworn to secrecy for now….heh heh…..
There’s a picture of me snuggling up to my poorly mum. And now I’m nodding off…well she was coughing all night and kept disturbing me. Between her coughing and the meiow killing things all night long….thanks for all your sympathetic posts, by the way. She is even trying to turn us dogs! Three times now she has given my step brother Max a live mouse and tried to teach him to kill it. He is appalled…
Oh, I hear mum calling-another early night.
Night night…

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