New Girls

My head is spinning! So much activity!
First off mum took Ronnie to the vets for his skin biopsy results, and another blood test.
Then she went off with dad. On the way back she stopped at the vets for Ronnie’s blood results, and some medicine for Malachi. He is feeling sick today and hasn’t eaten his meals. She also got some stuff for the meiow. Its because she eats bits of the poor creatures she kills. Ugh!

When she got back she put out tea for all my kennel cousins, then for all of us, too.
She had just finished when she had to speak to someone on the radio about our field.
After that auntie Trudi (our woman in St Ives) arrived with Tilly and Sammy.
They had a great game with the boomer ball in the field, before going off for their vet check up. Sammy was sick in the car twice.
When they got back, mum and auntie Trudi put flea and worm stuff on the back of their necks. Rather them than me. It smells yuk.
They didn’t seem bothered though. They went off to explore their new quarters and get some tea.
I think Tilly came with a surprise….

Mum came in very late, and went straight to work on messages.
I hope its quieter tomorrow, but somehow I doubt it..
Here’s Tilly and Sammy. Aren’t they pretty girls?

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