New Collar and Kitty Nuggets

Greetings all!
Busy times here-little Arnie is back with us, very sadly his lovely dad has passed away. But there is good news for Maia who is now reserved, and her people come every day to see her. She is really getting to know them now.

And look-my new collar has arrived! Do you remember I donated my natty green collar to lurcher Lenny, as his collar was falling to bits? We had hoped it might help him to find a home, but no luck yet. Poor Lenny..we keep hoping…and he has my collar.
Anyway, I am very pleased with my new one. Tiring work, all this posing….

Mum is insisting I post an ‘adorable’ picture of Furribal Lecter, relaxing after a hard night’s massacring…her latest haul consisted of 3 deceased mice, and one large mouse which she kept alive for a few hours, idly watching it become gradually more traumatised, before exploding into action and finishing the poor thing off.

And…I suppose I better tell you, as mum is telling everybody anyway…I ate cat poop and got the runs. I know, I know! How could I? I don’t know! I went onto the patio, amongst the bark chips..and it smelled so good. I followed my nose and there it was. I had a little lick and yum! I had more licks, and ate some. I couldn’t help it! She made me do it! Arthur’s eaten some too. We both had the runs. Mum and dad were not pleased. Now I have to be escorted everywhere. I’m not allowed to free roam anymore. The humiliation…
Dad says its the cats’ masterplan of chemical warfare against us dogs. Maybe he’s right…

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