New Arrivals and Rainbows

Greetings all!
I’d like to thank you all for my good wishes. I am feeling much better, thank you.
This morning mum met the lovely kind people who have organised the fundraising next weekend for us. They were here a long time, looking around the kennels, and learning about my kennel cousins. Mum said she saw a book of photos showing the work of photographer Helen. My but she is good! And my name was mentioned! I might get my picture taken! Mum hopes lots of you go next week. There’s a dog show, tombola, home made biscuits that I can’t eat. Boo. But, there is that amazing photographer waiting to meet dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes! Exciting!
Mum and dad got to know Maia this afternoon. She is very pretty. I’m quite taken…she seems really sweet, too, and cuddly. Rather like me. Maia has come to find her special people.
And little Teddy had some good luck today. He has gone into foster! He is doing really well there, apparently.

Because I am feeling better, I got to play in the field-and there was a rainbow-a really bright rainbow. You could see both ends, too. I think thats both ends of the rainbow. Although you can see both ends of me, too, as my bottom is in one pic, and my face in another. Mum says the pictures don’t do justice. Does she mean to the rainbow? Or does she mean to both ends of me? I am such a handsome boy. But I snore. I know I snore. I woke myself up snoring before now. Mum says sometimes its deafening. She says I have huge flappy chops that vibrate. Is that a compliment? ‘Course it is. Must be. After all, I am Eric. I am here to be adored!

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