Mummy-to-be Tilly

Greetings all!
Do you remember me saying that little Tilly the tiny Jack Russell arrived with a surprise?
Well it has now been confirmed. Tilly is nearly 4 weeks pregnant.
Mum didn’t want Tilly to have her puppies here at the kennels. She wanted Tilly to have a nice home environment where she could nest peacefully. Mum has a lovely friend who is a vet, and to our delight, she stepped up to foster Tilly! Tilly is already on puppy food to make sure she has extra nutrition for her pups, and our lovely vet friend will be on hand for the birth and the weaning. Mum is really pleased.
Tilly went off with our friend as good as gold. She and Sammy never even looked at each other, and neither of them has cried for the other.
Our vet can’t find any evidence of pregnancy in Sammy, but we are going to weigh her weekly to check!
Sammy is a really lovely girl-a typical Patterdale, she loves to be out walking or playing, and loves to be occupied. She is very clever, and will look for mischief if not occupied. She is very energetic, too, and really loves playing in the big field. Mum says she will need a lively household.
Well that’s our big news.
Tilly, with the help of her foster mum, is going to be giving me a weekly update, so I will pass on her news to you when I hear from her.
Finally, I got caught again-yes again-stealing toys from the front field. I’m so ashamed…but I can’t help it…I just can’t stop myself….

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