Miss Lola

Mum and dad left early this morning with Lola. Mum had the red folder, and that means its important! They were gone quite a while, but when they came back, they were all very happy, and Lola was exhausted with excitement.

I heard them saying that Lola was beside herself, running this way and that. I don’t know what they meant, but Lola looked like she couldn’t believe it. She was very good because she ‘christened’ the garden. I have no idea what this means, but sounds like it was a good move by Lola.
I heard she didn’t know what to make of the stairs, so she had to be carried up. She loved the sofas, though, especially jumping on and off them.

When they got back, mum called the vet, and Lola is booked in. The vet! Sounds awful, but its good really, as I think it means Lola has found her special people…I will keep my paws crossed.
Mum was busy all day, the phone kept ringing. A lot of dogs are wanting a kennel here…

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