Merlin and Tetley look happy

What a day people!
I was right about little Merlin-he has a new mummy and daddy, and he has left us to live in a lovely new home of his own. I hear he is going to be thoroughly spoilt. Quite right too! We dogs are just so easy to love, aren’t we?
Mum and dad have been rushing about all day-they look exhausted.
Daddy has completed his first order for Julius harnesses-can’t wait to get mine-I am going to look even more handsome than usual!

Mum went out and came back with lots of dog food for us and for some of our kennel cousins who are on special diets. I don’t think she is supposed to do it but she says they must have their proper food or they get ill.

We have a brand new vet appeal total giving page now-mum says please help us by donating, even if its just £1. It doesn’t take long, and is easy to do.
Mum and dad are doing something to do with our Forget Me Not field too. I keep hearing the name, and talk of plaques, mounts, screws. No idea what they are talking about…
Oh-and have you seen our petition for our field? Mum is going to post it.
Please help us in any way you can-and make my mum smile. Donate, sign-it means such a lot to mum and dad. They don’t smile enough.

I will leave you with pics of Tetley, who smiles a lot.
Mum says I am to hurry up as she would like to go to bed before 2am.
Here’s Tetley! He would like to find a home with very energetic owners who love terriers.
Yes, mum-coming now…

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