Marion “Queen of the Laundry”

Howdy folkses!
Well, what a start to the day.
SHE has been at it again. There was some commotion, I can tell you.
A very dead-and headless bunny, and an equally as dead mouse. We thought that was it for the night’s haul. Not a bit of it. My cousin Max was leaping about like a lunatic, growling and woofing. When mum looked behind his bed, there was a live mouse. Obviously an escapee from the clutches of the she-devil.
Mum and dad ushered Max outside, and before they could catch the little one and get him-or her-to safety, it ran out after Max. Max had to be ushered back in, whilst the mouse made its get away. What a kerfuffle.

It was nice to see little Buddy with his new family. I do like happy endings.
After that it was full steam ahead with our day. We are all a bit soggy after being out in the drizzle, but at least we are not too hot.

Then mum went out to give our auntie Marion queen of the laundry a very special birthday card and gift. Dad stayed to look after us. Then when mum came back, dad went off to see auntie Marion queen of the laundry.

Actually she isn’t just queen of the laundry, she is queen of quite a lot that she does for us dogs as she loves us. Mum said there were 100s of people at auntie Marion’s queen of the laundry. She must be very important.

We all gave her a card with an Arsenal football on it. We had to audition to be on the card. Dougie won. That’s him in the picture. He’s great with a ball. Maybe he will play for Arsenal Dogs one day. We also gave an Arsenal shirt with our name on the back, and number 34. Auntie Marion queen of the laundry likes that number.
I think her party is still going on. We are going to bed though. Our paws are crossed it doesn’t thunder again…

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