Greetings fans!
I am going to turn my report over to Malachi, the big man, and a post written by dad.
Mum says could you all please read this, and keep Mally in your thoughts. Its hard for all of us, seeing the light fading…
He is not in pain, and he quite likes his special diet, though his appetite is getting smaller. He is on chicken and brown rice. He needs a lot because he is so big. His chicken costs £33 a week. Mum and dad are buying his food just now.

Here is dad’s post:

This is Malachi again I posted him up just a few weeks ago as looking for a new home. Sadly it’s too late now for Mal, the cancer which he beat last year as returned and this time it’s inoperable. Malachi has never been known for his tolerance of other male dogs as is my own male Arthur. Happily the two old codgers have agreed to put their differences aside so Malachi can have some constant canine company in his last few weeks. Its been my pleasure to have known Mal on and off over the last few years and I’m honored to be looking after him in his final days. He has asked that any of his chums that he’s met along way who would like to say goodbye should do so soon. His once massive strength ebbs away everyday, and he cant ignore the call from old friends to join him on rainbow bridge much longer. He will be missed.

That was dad’s post. Like I said, its hard…

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