Lenny, Maia and Guinea Puppies

Greetings all!
I haven’t written for a few days. I thought winter had come, so I was hibernating. And then mum tells me its still only August! What!
So, we have the latest pics of Tilly and her puppies. Eyes are open, and little beaks growing! Leaving the guinea pig look behind, now. I have to admit, they are adorable. Not handsome, like me, of course..but then, not many are.

We’ve good news for little Teddy, he has found his special people and is going to be adopted. Yipee! And that very fetching Staffy girl Maia has a home visit coming up! Wooohooo! We all have our paws crossed for her. She has to see the vet first though…yikes…

Oh, and I am having a new collar! One of my kennel cousins, Lenny the lurcher, had an old, worn out collar, so mum looked for a new one for him. There wasn’t a suitable one to fit, so mum tried my one on him, and it fitted perfectly. I thought it was just on loan, but mum says its Lenny’s now, and I can have a new one! Nice one, mum. Then she goes and spoils it by saying she wonders if the collar lady can making something to stop me snoring! Whaaaaat? Oh the embarrassment….

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