Kernow Spa visit

Goodness me what a day!
We had an early visit from our wonderful friends Helen and Lawrence from Kernowspa. They love all of us dogs so much. I was a bit shocked to hear mum and them chatting about-wait for it-terriers! I wasn’t mentioned at all! Feeling a bit miffed, actually…I mean…I am known as the little Lordling for a reason. Hrumphhhh!

Then a very nice man came to meet our Duke! You wouldn’t recognise him now. Came in badly underweight and balding, and so depressed it made mum cry. Duke-not the man. You should see him now-thick fur coat, up to weight, and bounding about like a 2 year old. He’ll have a surprise come Sunday….home visit in the air….

Well then mum had to dash off with Ronnie for another blood test. The results will tell us whether Ronnie has to have his special food, or if he can go back to eating what he likes. Actually he likes anything and everything, but it doesn’t like him.

Mum has a new toy, too. Its a wheel. Yes, that’s right. You heard correctly. She has a wheel. She is very pleased with it, too. Honestly, what goes on here is better than the TV. I’ll try and get a picture for you. Of the wheel that mum is excited about. Humans. No I don’t get them either, Geraldine. Geraldine! Agggghhhh! How did you get in here? Mum! MUM. HELPPPPP!

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