Julius Supergirl

Hello people out there-I am rather late tonight, its been a bit hectic.

The Julius harnesses came today-our first order. It was like Christmas. Some people have already been up to collect theirs, I expect dad will post pictures…mine didn’t come, which was a bit disappointing, but my sister Tara looked good in hers. Mum got supergirl flashes for her-because she is a supergirl. She is getting on a bit and her back legs are wobbly. It makes mum very sad.

I heard today that Jack has finished his fencing. Full of surprises, that one. Apparently this is very good news because it means he can go home on Saturday. Woop woop!

The meiow has been busy…two more mice last night. She keeps trying to bring them into my room at night. Ugh! How can there be any left?

Mum got quite upset today. She and dad were talking about the vet bill appeal, and mum was looking forward to see if we had some new donations, as our bill is going up rapidly. They were really shocked to find that no one else has donated anything at all. It made mum cry. She says there are many people who wouldn’t miss £1 a month. She gets so sad and depressed. We all get sad then.

At long last we have our clothes line to hang our bedding on. Everything comes to those who wait-even clothes lines. Richard brought us some Dolly pegs-mum hasn’t seen these for years, she says. I like the posts. Good for pees!
I’m off to bed now, to see if I can think of some more ways to get people to help my kennel cousins.
Mum took a picture of me when I heard my Julius hadn’t come.

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