Julius Rides Again

Mum took my step sister Tara to see the vet today. She has something with a long name-degenerative myelopathy-and is having treatment. She went off wearing her Julius K9 harness. The handle comes in handy for helping Tara in and out of the car with her wobbly legs.

I hear dad is doing another order, so any of you cool dudes out there wanting a Julius harness, please contact him or mum. You can even come over and try some on for size.

Poor Malachi didn’t feel well today. Mum and dad are planning a special diet for him. Sounds delicious…

We had a visit from little Jack this afternoon. He got really scared in the storm the other night, and is still scared, so mum is helping his special people. Poor little chap-he is tiny. No wonder he was so scared. Lots of us were. Hope it doesn’t come back.

We are having an early night. I think there might be new arrivals later this week….
Here’s a pic of handsome me after a really good game. I grab all the tuggies, and mum has to get them off me!

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