Jack Russell Explosion

Just been chuckling at auntie Hilary’s post about little Suzie. She is some feisty little character, that one. I think every day she repeats to herself ‘age is just a number,’ and ‘anything the boys can do, I can do better.’
Mind you-that’s Jack Russells for you, isn’t it? Mum says what is going on with Jack Russells just now? There are loads of surrender forms coming in, and apart from 3 of them, every single one is for a Jack Russell! Mum says 8 Jack Russell surrenders have arrived in the last 24 hours!
We have some of the little, er, darlings, here already looking for their special people. Let’s see. There’s Jack, Taffy and Bertie, and of course our 3 newest arrivals Minnie, Bruno and Tyson. I’m bracing myself for more arriving…
I actually have a Jack Russell stepbrother, Timmy-though mum says he is technically a rat terrier. Does that mean he is half rat, half terrier? Would explain a lot. Will have to ask mum. She knows a lot about terriers…. I have a half Patterdale stepbrother, too. Some of his cousins are here too, looking for their special people.
Mum says terriers are great-loads of character, big dogs in little bodies, endless fun and games, loads of energy, plenty of laughs and a whole lot of challenges which she says are good for humans as it keeps them on their toes. Humans have some strange ideas…
I leave you with pics of Minnie, Bruno and Tyson, and my crazy stepbrothers playing with some kind of ball. They do it for hours….how weird is that?

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