I’m Back!

Greetings, fans!
Been a bit of a gap since my last report. Too much happening!
Well-quick catch up for you all.

Tomorrow we have the first meet and greet appointments for Tilly’s puppies. Fingers crossed! There’s second visits for Misty and Bertie, and Dougie had a second visit today.
Maia is recovering after her spay, and has made herself quite at home, as has Arnie who, we hear, has successfully invaded and conquered his human’s bed!

Wesley conquered Lizzie’s heart a long time ago, but sometimes you just have to be a bit more patient than maybe you want to be. What a lovely happy ever after for them both!

Some of my cousins had fun in the pool before the weather changed, but me and cousin Max don’t like this water thing at all. Max had fun with yet another football-well it is his favourite-and I found a new game with a new toy!
I saw this great long rope, and I had this idea that I could pick it up and run with it. I tried, but I kept tripping over it. Suddenly mum was on the other end, shouting, ‘Pull, Eric, pull!’ I was very puzzled, but then I got it, and pulled, and mum pulled. She was laughing and it was fun, fun, FUN! Mum swung me round while I hung on. I loved it! Afterwards mum was shouting to dad and telling him all about it. I must be very clever to have invented a new game. I wonder what mum meant when she said I was a bit slow, to say the least? I thought I ran very fast with such a big rope…..

Well I expect some of you would like an update on Furribal Lecter. She has been hibernating for a while. Its been lovely. No dead and mutilated bodies. Well I knew it wouldn’t last. She is back with a vengeance. Several nights now there has been a massacre. Bodies everywhere. One morning I nearly fainted. Amongst the carnage there was a live mouse clinging desperately to the stairgate! I mean! How is a gentle, peaceloving pibble supposed to live surrounded by such horror? Mum got that mouse to safety, but do you know, sometimes Furribal eats bits of them while they are still alive?? I’m going for a lie down. The very thought of it and I’ve come over all unnecessary….
Here’s some recent pics, including THE MOUSE.

And dad has a pigeon. He is getting better after hurting himself trying to fly as he’s a baby one. Thats the pigeon. Not dad. He’s called Ghengis Khan’t. Khan’t fly, that is.

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