Happy Ending for Flis (now Missy)

Received this wonderful email today from Flis’ furever family. So nice to hear all the success stories and happy endings.

Hi all
Here are some photos and a note from Flis the jack Russell cocker cross we adopted in August 2013. Thanks for all your behaviour advice. We did training but she conceded we will never stop her barking. She is however, a very happy dog now and that is a great reward for us. Apart from the barking at everything at home and sometimes people on walks she is just about perfect for us.

Hi everyone who knew me
Thought I would send an up date on my new family. Can’t believe it’s been four years since I left you all. Mum says I am still very barky but now I live on the farm in Wales I can keep an eye on things when Dad is at work. Both Ben and Bert have now gone to dog heaven but I have a new puppy Henry Labrador. I don’t know what went wrong but when he came home he was smaller than me, and I was a really good mum. Then he grew and grew and now is enormous but we are the best of friends. Thank you all at K9 Crusaders for looking after me for a year until I found my new home. I never quite got over being a bit nervous, or is that bored, when I’m left (and sometimes leave mum a present on the carpet) but we’re not left a lot. I also go to the dog kennels quite a lot and have great fun barking. Mum says she can tell you looked after me well because I never mind going.

Love Flis (now Missy coz mum couldn’t say flis and stuttered)

Ps Mum says never expect a dog to change that much, I still bark loads and look pathetic like no other, but I bark for joy now and I’m not really so pathetic but it’s useful for getting cuddles and treats!

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