Guinea Pig Puppies?

Evening fans!
I’ve missed a couple of Pee Posts recently as mum has been so busy. You see I need a hand to type it up-on account of not having hands as such…but on the plus side, my stop pad has healed, so I can have my rings again. Here are some pics mum took of me tonight. As you can see, I look delighted to see she has the rings.

Then I am gathering myself to spring into the air to get the ring mum is holding out for me. There’s one of me running along, then two of me looking totally one of them I am hiding in the washing…bit embarrassing, that…mum was laughing at me…

Today we heard that Tilly’s puppies nearly have their eyes open! They are growing fast-mum and babies all doing well. I think they look like guinea pigs. So does dad. Mum tuts. I’m looking forward to see them when they can walk and play.

Mum’s been on the phone a lot. I think we may have new kennel cousins before long…

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