Groom Room time Mazey

A BIG SHOUT OUT to the totally fabulous Laura and her team at the Groom Room, Pets at Home, Penryn, for their wonderfully kind support of K9 Crusaders.
Today Mazey went for her pamper session and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She wasn’t sure about going in the lift, but soon got the hang of it-all part of her adventure. Took us ages to exit the shop as she carefully sniffed just about every item in there!
Thank you Laura-another fabulous job!

STILL WAITING, AND HOPING….for that special someone…
Mazey is a Cairn/Yorkie mix, a young adult. She would like you to know that she is wearing the wrong coat!
Mazey thinks she should have been a Jack Russell, and this is why…
Despite her looks, Mazey is a feisty little terrier with a strong character and a mind of her own. She likes a fuss-on her terms. If she wants your attention, she will ask for it. It would be unwise to try and force Mazey into being a compliant little lapdog, as befits her looks. She is an independent little dog who knows what she does-and doesn’t want.
A structured routine would not suit this free spirit.
Adults only home, please, as an only pet.
If you think you can roll with this fun but feisty girl, call us on 01872 560232

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